Showcase Landscaping - Denver, Colorado



Total Care Package

From March to November (9 equal monthly payments, Please call for an estimate)

28- weekly mows throughout the growing season (includes edging, trimming and clean up)
1- Power rake, (Early Spring)
2- Aeration, (1 spring and 1 fall)
5- Fertilization, weed and feed (1 Spring, 1 Fall and 3 in the summer)
1- Final Fall clean up in late fall.

Extensive Package

Includes the Total Care Package PLUS Snow removal.

Fertilization Package

Consisting of 5 applications of fertilizer and 2 aerations throughout the summer, granular mixtures include:
1. Early Spring: High nitrogen fertilizer
2. Late Spring: High nitrogen & iron fertilizer
3. Summer: High iron, low nitrogen fertilizer
4. Early Fall: High iron, low nitrogen fertilizer
5. Fall: Winterizer