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Lawn & Garden Maintenance


Yard Care

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing and grooming of your lawn is an essential part of a healthy lawn. Showcase Landscaping has a properly trained staff with well maintained equipment. In fact, we go as far as sharpening our mower blades every single mowing day of the summer. Our mowing service includes weekly mowing and trimming of all grass areas, and edging along all sidewalks and driveways every two weeks. Of course, we thoroughly clean up all debris and take all grass clipping with us.

Power Raking

Power raking removes the naturally occurring accumulation of thatch (dead grass and root material) from your lawn. Power raking allows water and nutrients to be absorbed uniformly and quickly, therefore allowing new grass to grow. There is a small amount of thatch intentionally left behind to assure protection for new grass sprouts and to help with water retention. Early spring, when your lawn is dormant, is the best time to power rake your lawn.


Nothing is better for your lawn than a core aeration once or twice a year. Aerating allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach your grass roots, stimulating root growth and strengthening the root system. The deposited cores break down and act as a top dressing. For those customers who wish to flag their own sprinkler heads, we would be happy to drop off flags for you. Aerating is a simple and effective way to ensure a healthy lawn.

Poop Scoop

On your regularly scheduled mowing day, we will thoroughly clean the yard of all dog waste before mowing. The cost is $7 per dog, per week.


Granular Fertilization

Our granular fertilizer is applied safely and carefully by trained technicians throughout the season. We use slow release commercial fertilizers that contain various levels of nutrients depending on the time of year and the condition of your grass and soil.

Organic Fertilizer

Becoming very popular, organic fertilizer is an alternative to granular fertilizer and herbicides. Organics demonstrate many benefits:

  • Organics are safer to use around humans and pets and do not have the possible side effects of the overuse of chemicals.
  • Organics improve the soil tilth (physical condition of soil in relation to plant growth), helps to balance soil PH, improves water retention and contains micro-organisms that rejuvenates leached soils.
  • Organics, which contain fewer salts, will increase the amount of microbial activity in your soil and lessen the chance for disease.

*In general, turf green-up in the spring, is a bit slower, but then catches up and is fine. Overall, the benefits of an organic program outweigh the negatives. It is always ideal to aerate before applying any fertilizer.

Lawn Fertilization Program:

Consisting of 5 applications of fertilizer and 2 aerations throughout the summer, granular mixtures include:
1. Early Spring: High nitrogen fertilizer
2. Late Spring: High nitrogen & iron fertilizer
3. Summer: High iron, low nitrogen fertilizer
4. Early Fall: High iron, low nitrogen fertilizer
5. Fall: Winterizer

Snow Removal

Snow removal is a contractual 5 month program. Each time it snows, in excess of one inch, we remove the snow from all walks, steps, driveways, and other designated areas, in a timely and thorough manner. With a set price per month you no longer have to worry about each snow. New customers who sign up prior to October 15th will receive 40% off their 1st month’s installment. We also offer plowing for parking lots. Please call for a free estimate.


Showcase Landscaping gardeners can work one hour per month or as much as 14 hours per week, depending on your gardening needs. The schedule of our gardening staff fills up quickly so please call early in the season to ensure your project can be accomodated.